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Nominated for Best Group Blog, Muslimness is a kingdom of blogs for celebrating the Muslim lifestyle. We report on Muslims in the media, events, iconic Muslims and awesome new blogs. And we're always travelling - so far we've landed in Fiji, Canada, Tokyo, Scotland, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, Indonesia, England, Pakistan, Kenya, Jordan, Chicago, New York, Tennessee, New Zealand, England, Australia, and India... And this is who we are.

Zaufishan, Editor {In A Byte}
England, UK

Peace be with you. I am the founder of MUSLIMNESS. I write for Middle Eastern enviro-news site Green Prophet and run The Eco Muslim blog, amongst other things.

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Aaqib Ahmed
England, UK

Known as iPOET, Aaqib is a speaker and writer on Once the Head of Birmingham Uni's ISOC, Aaqib promotes community projects. As Marketing Manager for Productive Muslim, he can be found at
Read articles by The iDawah.

Eisha Colleen Tracy Raza
Ontario, Canada

Eisha is a convert Muslim and sly with technology. Married and working as a nurse, Eisha is deaf and therefore excellent at American Sign Language.

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Abdur-Rehman Hussain
Rochdale, UK

A student at Manchester University, Rehman is massively into football and trying to balance Muslim life as a Crescent Radio Presenter, Qur'an reciter and events organiser.

Read articles by The Radiowave.

Muhammad Bin-Mounir Al'Juhany
Cairo, Egypt

Reporting from North Africa, Mounir is a student at Ain Shams University, specialising in producing YouTube videos and photography from the Nile river.

Read article by The Egyptan.

Salsabeel Sbaa
England, UK

Named after a heavenly river, Salsabeel is our Sufi loving student of Islam, penning the "Moment of Ehsan" features and Muslim fashion posts.

Read articles by The Wanderer.

England, UK

A high school teacher, mother, extremely green-fingered, environmentally friendly and a fabulous cook. Shahnaz used to design clothing and play marbles. Sometimes she still does.

Read articles by The Explorer.

Shahraiz Tabassam
Lahore, Pakistan

Technology, science and Islam are just some of Shahraiz's passions. Subscribe to Shahraiz's ul Islam page.

Read articles by The Shepherd.

Mustafa Abdullah (Terry Holdbrooks)
Phoenix, USA

Former Guantanamo Bay Prison guard, Mustafa is a revolutionary Muslim, speaking out against all forms of social injustices. Author of Traitor? he shares these political and personal experiences on MUSLIMNESS. {}.

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Zahra Shah, The Immigrant
Dunedin, New Zealand

Nomad Zahra travels from home to home and is constantly battling with immigration. A recent mother and all-round kickass Muslimah, Zahra is witty, smart and cool.

Read articles by Zahra Shah.

Yousuf (Joseph) Walton
Indonesia/ Tennessee, USA

Currently residing in Indonesia with his new family, Yousuf is from Tennessee and a convert to Islam. Yousuf is a teacher, can speak Japanese and take apart a computer and put it back together.

Read articles by The Imam.

Our Global Team

MUSLIMNESS welcomes new writers. Submit a blog idea or to see what we're looking for, read how you can Write For Us.

Lori 'Zakariyya' King | London, UK

Lori is a performance poet (under the alias, trainee professional wrestler and short-story writer. Lori converted to Islam in college and married two years later. Having spent time in telecommunications and sports reporting, he now edits Islamic documents whilst attaining his teaching qualifications. The father of two currently resides in the Isle of Dogs after stints in Qatar and Egypt.

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Dasham Brookins | New York, USA

Poet. Writer. Photodude. Dasham is a Spoken Word artist, performing globally with "real" life messages. Dasham's work can be found at and his recently launched non-profit I Inspire Inc that motivates community service through Art Activism.

Read posts by Brother Dash.

Mehreen Omer | Lahore, Pakistan

An academic mind and intuitive of societal issues, Mehreen is a multi-skilled writer bringing intelligence and research to MUSLIMNESS.

Read posts by Mehreen Omer.

Abdullah Osman | Gold Coast, Australia

Spiritually inclined, an accountant and a Qur'an hafidh Abdullah Osman is of South African and Indian descent currently residing in beautiful Australia. Abullah believes in 'dawah internet', which is what he blogs about on

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Nazma Miah | England, UK

Law graduate and founder of Amor Scarves, Nazma Miah writes as The British Hijabi on her style blog As an upcoming designer, Nazma looks at tradition and modern fashion, and is involved in Muslim youth work.

Read posts by Nazma Miah.

Heba Saeed | Egypt

A passionate Palestinian, Heba Saeed is a movie buff, currently living in Egypt from where she reports on new trends and the Islamic nasheed genre.

Read posts by Heba Saeed.

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